The Lost Creek Grove Restoration and Preservation Foundation, Inc. nestled  on six and one half acres in eastern Vigo County in Terre Haute, Indiana was created for old-fashion recreation and a gathering place for the community. The organization was incorporated as a 501 © (3) in January 2006. Prior to the official not-for-profit status, the organization was and continues to be fondly known as the Lost Creek Community Grove.

The descendents of the Lost Creek Settlement, of which the Lost Creek Community Grove came to be the heart and center, can trace their history to the founding families that migrated to the area from North Carolina and Virginia in the early 1800s. Today, the founders' legacy of community building continues through the Lost Creek Community Grove Preservation Foundation, as most board members and trustees are descendents of the founders.

 While the organization’s interests lie in continuing to provide a gathering place for family reunions, clubs, receptions etc., it also focuses on uniting generations by recording and preserving the history of the community and genealogy of its families. The Grove may be viewed as a vehicle to ensure that this rich heritage is passed on to the young people who will lead our families and communities. 

The facility houses numerous, photos, documents and articles telling the stories and accomplishments of the many families with historical roots to the community. These include the Anderson, Batton, Harris, Manual, Phillips, Roberts, Ross, Shepard, Stewart and Walden families.  

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